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Technical Information Documents

2529 Uninstalling Delphi
2558 Installing Delphi on a Network
2602 Making a form selectable without the main form.
2616 How to get a file's date and time stamp.
2617 Lists the virtual key values
2619 How to paint the form with a bitmap.
2621 How to associate a string with a component.
2622 How close a file opened from a Delphi DLL in VB.
2645 How to readln longer than 255 chars.
2647 A VERY short primer on dynamic memory allocation.
2654 How to use array of const.
2659 Making your own hotkeys.
2661 How to scroll your form with pgUP and pgDn.
2683 Drag a form without clicking the caption bar
2695 New Language Features in Delphi 2.0 - 32 Bit
2719 College Student Guide to Reading and Writing Files
2767 Delphi Fact Sheet
2768 Delphi Quick Info Sheet
2776 List of Delphi Books From Third-Party Publishers
2777 Instructions for Running Delphi from CD-ROM
2778 Making your Delphi apps show minimized.
2779 Delphi Client/Server and Power Builder Compared
2780 Delphi vs Visual Basic
2781 Step by Step Configuration of an ODBC Driver
2783 Creating Database Aliases in Code
2790 Creating & Deleting TFields at run-time
2791 How to iterate through the fields of a table
2792 How to match file date/time stamps.
2793 Adding Graphics in Your Listboxes and Comboboxes
2796 Using OnHint Events Among Mulitiple Forms
2798 Making the Enter key work like a Tab in a TDBGrid
2799 Moving to a tab by name on a TabSet
2800 Calling a Delphi DLL from C
2801 Getting a query's Memo field as a string
2803 How to encrypt a String
2804 Undo in a Memo field
2805 Getting the Line number in a memo Field
2807 Loading Bitmaps Into dBASE And Paradox BLOB Fields
2809 Printing the contents of a TMemo or TListbox
2810 Extracting A Bitmap From A BLOB Field
2811 Bitmaps And InterBase BLOB Fields
2812 Control Font Styles
2814 Handling EDBEngineError Exceptions
2815 How to handle text drawing in a TDBGrid
2816 Trouble running Delphi programs from Delphi
2818 Searching your application's help file
2820 Searching Through Query Result Sets
2821 dBASE .DBF File Structure
2824 Passing a Variable to a ReportSmith Report
2825 Extracting Index Data From A Table
2834 Redistributing the Borland Database Engine
2837 Cascading Deletes With Pdox Referential Integrity
2840 Removing the vertical scrollbar from a TDBGrid
2841 Delphi Consultants and Training Centers
2842 InterBase BLOB Fields: A Primer
2844 Using The ASCII Driver With Comma-delimited Files
2849 Determining Record Number In A dBASE Table
2854 Managing disk volume labels in Delphi
2855 How to copy files in Delphi.
2856 How to terminate all running applications
2857 How to check to see if a drive is ready.
2858 How to do pointer arithmetic in Delphi.
2859 How to do bit-wise manipulation.
2860 Basic Delphi DLL template
2861 Form display with different screen resolutions.
2862 How to keep the app iconized.
2863 How to use a custom cursor.
2864 How to use a popup menu with a VBX.
2865 How to set a max and min form size.
2866 How to get the windows and DOS versions.
2867 How to tell what kind of drive is used.
2869 How to determine the current record number.
2870 How to automate logon for Paradox tables
2873 packing a dBASE table
2892 string manipulation routines
2894 WinExecAndWait
2895 How to check for app already running.
2896 How to use a form several times
2899 Manually Installing Delphi
2901 Printing in the DOS IDE under Windows 95
2903 Different colored characters in a string grid
2906 Returns the amount required to repay a debt.
2909 How to click and move components at runtime.
2936 Delphi 1.02 Maintenance Release Information
2938 Creating Dynamic Components at Runtime
2945 Loading a Custom Cursor from a RES File
2947 Loading Bitmaps and Cursors from RES Files
2948 SQL: Embedded Spaces in Field/Column Names
2949 Dynamically Allocating Arrays
2950 Resource Expert: What It Is and How to Install It
2951 Delphi Configuration Files
2953 BDE: Writing Buffer to Disk
2954 Creating and Using Parameterized Queries
2955 Working With Auto-increment Field Types
2956 How to Populate a TDBComboBox Or TDBListBox
2957 New Language Features in Delphi 2.0
2958 Preventing a Form from Resizing
2961 SQL: Sorting on a Calculated Column
2962 SQL: Using the SUBSTRING Function
2963 SQL: Summarizing a Calculated Column
2964 Managing Data Segment Size
2970 DDE: A simple example
2977 Listing the field structures of a table.
2979 Showing deleted records in a dBASE table.
2980 Determining a memo's number of lines showing.
2981 Delphi 2.0 Install Issues
2988 How to Validate ISBNs
2996 Delphi 2.0 for Windows 95 & Windows NT Factsheet
3003 Delphi Client/Server Suite 2.0 for Windows 95 & NT
3005 Performing database queries in a background thread
3009 How to check a ComboBox without OnClick ocurring.
3050 TForm.MDIChildren[] Array and Form Creation
3051 Delphi Client/Server Certification Program
3052 Authorized Client/Server Education Centers
3053 Delphi Client/Server 2.0 Courseware
3054 Study Objectives for the Delphi Client/Server Exam
3055 Delphi Client/Server 2.0 Train-the-Trainer Class
3096 How to Create a TDBGrid Lookup Field in Delphi 2.0
3097 Dynamically Creating Page Controls and Tab Sheets
3098 Navigating a Multiselected Listbox
3099 Making Your Delphi 2.0 Applications 'Sing'
3100 Obtaining the Physical Path of a Table
3101 Making Accelerators Work with a TPageControl
3102 How to Dynamically Create A Page Control
3103 BDE Callbacks to Provide Status on Operations
3104 Accessing Paradox Tables on CD or Read-Only Drive
3105 Synchronize a DLL to an Open Dataset
3106 Clean-Boot Delphi 2.0 Installation
3128 Creating a Wallpaper Using Delphi
3133 Detecting Windows Shutdown
3136 Returning Default Cursor after Running Queries
3137 Dynamic creation and circularly linking forms
3138 Avoid using Resource Heap with Tabbed Notebooks
3150 Creating Class Properties
3151 Optimizing Oracle Connections with Windows 95
3152 Connecting to a 32-bit Sybase server
3153 Hints on Overcoming Installation Problems
3155 A Better Way To Print a Form
3156 Creating a DataAware Control for Browsing Data
3157 Using InputBox, InputQuery, and ShowMessage
3158 Create a new file with the .wav extension.
3159 Using MS Internet Explorer 3.0 in Delphi 2
3160 BDE and Database Desktop Locking Protocol
3162 Getting a record member char array into a memo.
3164 How to Get the Most Out of DBDEMOS
3165 Exposing the OnClick of the DBGrid control
3166 Getting runtime properties at runtime
3170 Search and replace in strings: a task made easy
8520 Delphi Titles from Leading Book Publishers
2838 dBASE Expression Indexes: A Primer
2967 Validating input in TEdit components
2976 TDBGrid and Multi-Selecting Records
3078 Redistributing Applications using the ISP
3144 The DocInput Object: Properties and Methods
3145 The DocOutput Object: Properties and Methods
3171 Dynamically creating a TTable & fields at runtime
3172 Activation and Use of the CPUWindow in the IDE
3187 Passing Multidimensional Arrays as Parameters
3192 Implementing Drag and Drop Functionality
3194 Trapping Windows Messages in Delphi
3196 Direct Commands to Printer - Passthrough/Escape
3197 Creating a form based on a string
3198 Finding the color depth of a canvas
3199 Using FindFirst and the WIN_32_FIND_DATA structure
3200 Setting the pixels per inch property of TPrinter
3201 How to use a string table resource
3202 Borland Assist for Delphi/400
3204 TRichEdit Printing in Delphi 2 & Windows NT 4.0
3209 How to use a user defined resource.
3210 A better way to do pointer arithmetic
3211 Assuring Proper Font Scaling When Printing
3213 Delphi 3 file types with descriptions
3214 Moving Projects Between Machines or Directories
3215 An example of drag and drop between DBGrids
3216 Looping Through the Controls and Components Arrays
3217 Adding ODBC Drivers in Delphi 3.0
3218 Delphi/400: Activating your License Key
3231 Displaying System Resources in Win 95 and NT 4
3232 Edit Controls that Align Under NT 4
3233 How do I map a network drive in Windows NT or '95?
3234 Adding shortcuts to Win95/WinNT4 Desktop/StartMenu
3235 Minimizing Application When a Form Minimizes
3239 Graying Out Enabled/Disabled Data Aware Controls
3241 Getting Version Information From Your Program
3299 Importing or 'wrapping' DLL function calls
3300 Adding an IPersistPropertyBag to Active Controls
3317 Resolving Focus to a DBGrid After Focus Transfers
3318 Importing or 'Wrapping' DLL Function Calls
3319 Implementing TCollection
3329 Getting All the Bin Names for a Particular Printer
3330 Working with Cookies
3331 Handling Winsock Errors
3332 Converting a BMP to a JPEG and Vice Versa
3333 Installing JPEG Components that Ship with Delphi 3
3334 Extracting a JPEG Resource from an EXE
3335 Creating a 32-Bit Screen Saver in Delphi 3
3336 Surfacing an Event on an ActiveForm to a Container
3337 Drag and Drop Selected Text in between Memo Components
3338 Description of Multi-Byte Character Support in Delphi, BDE

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