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'External Exception C0000008' error on application exit


I get an External Exception error in Delphi when connecting to Sybase server when in Delphi's IDE or Turbo Debugger with NT4 running the 10.0.4 Sybase client. If I run the application alone, it executes correctly. How do I get around the problem?


In NT4.0 anything that is being debugged with any debugger will
cause the OS to report exceptions that would otherwise be
ignored.  "External Exception C0000008" one of those types of
errors. Changing the Sybase client version will solve the
problem. You can either move back to the 10.0.3 client or try
using Sybase's EBF (Emergency Bug Fix)# 7181, and/or 7264.
EBFs can be found at the Sybase EBF download area

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