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Frequently Asked Questions

Paradox table version level


When I create a Paradox Table in the Database Desktop and request a Paradox Version 7 table, the request is not honored. How can I work around this?


The Database Desktop will create a table with the lowest 
version that will handle the tables needs and is declared 
in the BDE Administrator (IDAPI Configuration utility) under 
the Configuration>Drivers>Paradox>Level setting. To get a 
Version 7 table in the Database Desktop, simply use a version 
7 feature. To permanently change the Paradox Table level for 
all tables made by the Database Desktop, go to the BDE 
Administrator and go to the Configuration>Drivers>Paradox>Level 
setting and change it to 7.
Example for changing the level of a Paradox Table in the 
Database Desktop:
Use the restructure option in Database Desktop to create or 
modify an index to use unique or descending attributes.

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